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Have Fun with Fish!
Let’s face it – it takes more effort to successfully promote seafood than it does to promote more familiar items like pizza and hamburgers. The tools in this section were developed to make it easy for you to successfully merchandise seafood. You and your staff can create a fresh, fun seafood experience that promotes good nutrition and sustainability.

Merchandising Resources
The Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers have developed a number of merchandising materials to help schools have success with seafood. These materials are available in pdf format, ready for schools to print and use. Just fill out the form and request our merchandising CD in the message area.

One strategy is to apply these materials using Zone Merchandising, a marketing concept that uses the physical areas within your cafeteria and surrounding spaces to influence student perceptions and buying decisions. The technique captures your customers’ attention and builds their interest from the time they leave their class until they return to class. It can be used to pique student interest in a product or program, supply nutrition information, or educate them about food sources. Zone merchandising is adaptable to every school and campus setting and is an ideal showcase for director and staff creativity. Read more

Alaska Pollock Merchandising Materials

Coloring Sheets

  • Name the Fish (for younger kids)
  • Alaska Pollock

Fish Trivia Contest

  • Fish Trivia Contest Questions
  • Fish Trivia Contest Winners Certificate

Burma Shave-Style Signs

  • If health is your wish…
  • Far out upon the ocean blue…
  • The fish that’s in your lunch today…
  • From cold Alaska waters blue…
Collage Poster 2


  • Alaska Fish Tacos poster 1
  • Alaska Fish Tacos poster 2
  • Collage of fishing boat, fisherman, and student eating
  • Alaska Pollock Fish & Chips poster 1
  • Alaska Pollock Fish & Chips poster 2
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Kiss Horizontal 1 (8.5 x 11)
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Kiss Horizontal 2 (11 x 17)
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Kiss Vertical 1 (8.5 x 11)
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Kiss Vertical 2 (11 x 17)
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Sandwich poster 1
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Sandwich poster 2
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Sticks poster 1
  • Alaska Pollock Fish Sticks poster 2
  • Fisherman and Alaska Pollock

Signage and Danglers

  • Alaska Fish Tacos Counter Card
  • Banner - Genuine Alaska Pollock. Great Fish for Great Kids! (small and large sizes)
  • Danglers (print out two and place back to back, dangle from corner)
  • Directional signs
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