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What is Alaska pollock?
One of the world’s most popular fish, Alaska pollock is the largest food fishery in the world and is used in over 1,000 products around the globe. Many people have enjoyed it in high quality breaded fish portions, fish sandwiches, fish sticks, value-added seafood entrées and surimi seafood. A cousin to cod, Alaska pollock is caught in the wild and is known for its white meat, flaky texture and mild flavor. Seafood product manufacturers, restaurants and consumers appreciate Alaska pollock’s quality, performance, versatility, sustainability, and overall value.

What benefits will my students receive when I serve once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock?
Genuine Alaska Pollock offers a healthy way for students to get all the essential amino acids they need to meet

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their daily protein requirements. One four-ounce serving of Alaska pollock provides 393 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, the good polyunsaturated fats that have been shown to aid in healthy development and protect against a number of diseases. Because Genuine Alaska Pollock is top quality seafood, not only will students like its taste and texture, they will come back for more. Serving Genuine Alaska Pollock will improve students’ health now and help them establish good eating patterns to carry into adulthood.

What about mercury?
There is a lot of concern in the media about the levels of mercury and other contaminants in seafood.  If you serve Alaska pollock, you don’t have to worry. The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation regularly tests Alaska seafood for the presence of environmental toxins, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and heavy metals, such as mercury. In all tests, Alaska pollock received a clean bill of health, with extremely low amounts of contaminants – well below the levels of concern set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Alaska public health officials recommend unrestricted consumption of Alaska pollock for everyone, including pregnant and nursing women and young children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees, listing pollock as low in mercury and safe to eat. And the American Heart Association includes pollock in its list of popular fish that are low in mercury.

I am concerned about the state of the world’s oceans. Are stocks of Alaska pollock healthy?
The Alaska pollock fishery is recognized as one of the most well-managed in the world and is a model for others. This comprehensive management system requires conservative harvests, protection of the ecosystem, and monitoring by federal observers to ensure compliance. In addition, the fishery has been independently certified as sustainable to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. Alaska pollock is also featured as a good environmental choice on consumer seafood lists across the country.

What does “once-frozen” mean? Aren’t all seafood products sold to schools “once-frozen?”
In Alaska, Genuine Alaska Pollock is harvested and then processed immediately, so it is frozen only once. This technique preserves the flavor, texture and nutrients in the fish, and makes for top quality seafood meals. In many other whitefish fisheries, fish are caught on the boat, dressed and frozen whole, then shipped to processing plants, often in China, where they are thawed, filleted and then frozen again. Anything that is frozen twice will suffer greatly in quality, including loss of flavor, moisture, and protein, and oxidization of fats. In addition to this quality loss, some manufacturers will try to mask lesser quality by including additives, which are not used in once-frozen products. Of course, twice-frozen products cost less, but once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock is still affordable for schools and offers a much better value.

Are once-frozen Alaska Pollock products caught and processed in the United States?
All once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock products are caught and processed in the state of Alaska. Alaska pollock are wild fish that grow strong and healthy in the pristine Alaska environment.

Can once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock products be traced to their point of origin?
Yes. Genuine Alaska Pollock products offer complete traceability from the product in your school kitchen all the way back to the boat the fish was harvested on, the location in the ocean where the fish was harvested, and the time and date of the harvest. Many other protein products do not provide this level of safety and security.

There are lots of fish products available for schools. How do I know which ones are once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock? How can I verify that my kitchens/warehouse are receiving the once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock product I specify on my bid?

To ensure that you are getting top quality once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock:

1.         Specify a particular once-frozen Genuine Alaska pollock product by manufacturer and product code, and allow no substitutions by your distributor. It is also important to educate your kitchen staff to check for exact product codes and to refuse substitutions at the school kitchen. The Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) has a list of products that contain once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock, which is available upon request.
2.         Specify once-frozen Alaska pollock products in your bid. Specify the country of origin, that the product is once-frozen and that it include the GAPP logo on the label to ensure that you are purchasing high quality, American-harvested and processed seafood products.

Are once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock products made from minced fish?
Once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock is available in both whole muscle and minced forms. Customers generally prefer the texture and flavor of whole muscle products. The quality of both whole muscle and minced once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock is superior to its twice-frozen seafood products in the same formats.

How does once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock compare to cod in quality and price?
Cod is available in both once-frozen and twice-frozen products, both of which are currently more expensive than once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock. Because the quality of once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock is higher than twice-frozen cod, it represents an excellent value.

What are the sensory indicators of a quality, once-frozen fish product?
A high quality once-frozen fish product should have a sea-fresh flavor, with no off odors, or flat or “fishy” flavors. The texture of once-frozen fish products should be flaky and moist, not mushy or dry.

I'd like to serve more quality fish on my school menus but need ideas on how to introduce once-frozen Alaska Pollock products to my students. Can you help?
GAPP has a number of resources and ideas about how to make seafood successful in your schools. Contact us using the information at the bottom of the page, and we would be happy to share this information with you.

What resources are available from GAPP to assist me in sourcing and sampling high quality, once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock?
We are here to help. If you are having difficulty sourcing or sampling once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock, please contact us and we will assist you.

Does GAPP provide menu and recipe resources?
Yes! GAPP has developed a number of great school foodservice recipes and menu ideas using once-frozen Genuine Alaska Pollock. Please contact us to receive copies.

How can I contact GAPP?
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